I’m Andrew Thomas;
a songwriter,
producer and
from Maine.

Do you like to cry? I think I have some chords that might help with that.

How about laughing? That’s pretty good, huh? I might be able to assist there as well.

I am a singer, songwriter, keyboardist and composer from a small town in the middle of Maine.

You might hear some Ben Folds, a little Death Cab, a little Billy Joel in my music. Heck, maybe even Stevens or Stevies from various walks of life: Wonder, Wilson, Sondheim.

My original songs have been played on radio stations from Maine to Moldova. I was chosen as a finalist in the annual Maine Songwriters Association song contest for my songs “Grand Central Station” (which took 3rd prize!) and “Throw Your Voice, Amaze Your Friends” (2nd!).

Both songs are going to be included on my upcoming full length album Amaze Your Friends, currently being released a single at a time. You can look forward to hearing melodic songs of impetuous youth, heartbreak, loss, personal reflection and mid-century comic book advertising – stay tuned for release details!