New release

Amaze Your

I’m excited to announce the release

of my long awaited album,

Amaze Your Friends

You might hear echoes of piano-centric artists such as Ben Folds, Billy Joel or Sara Bareilles in my music, intertwined with elements of indie pop, a hint of Great American Songbook, and classic folk rock singer-songwriter sounds. My original music has been played on radio stations from Maine to Moldova. I was chosen as a finalist in the annual Maine Songwriters Association song contest for my songs “Grand Central Station” (which took 3rd prize!) and “Throw Your Voice, Amaze Your Friends” (2nd!).

Both songs are included on my brand new full-length album Amaze Your Friends. Click the links to hear melodic songs of impetuous youth, heartbreak, loss, personal reflection and mid-century comic book advertising.

…He reminds me so much of Billy Joel, Bruce Hornsby and other singer-keyboardists but with a voice that is completely distinctive, warm and inviting. The complexity of his melodies and lyrics are compelling and highly entertaining making the 10 vocal tracks riveting and immersive”

Lucky Clark, Kennebec Journal “On Music”


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