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From “THIS WEEK IN MAINE MUSIC”, Mainebrews N Musicreviews

July 8-14
Sometimes good music takes a while, especially with Andrew Thomas Music case, who has been slow-cooking his newest batch of songs for a decade now. Now that dinner is prepared, Thomas is ready to ring the bell, throw his voice and amaze his friends.
With his newest pop/rock album, “Amaze Your Friends”, Thomas has served up a fine batch of songs that showcase his structural skills, fine musicianship, and friendly voice. “Friendly voice”, you ask? Just give these songs a spin, and see for yourself. Thomas sounds like an old friend, with words so clear, a lyric sheet won’t be needed. “Resolution” is a great opening track, with intriguing chord changes, challenging beat, and great message. Other highlights are the single “Great Escape” whose chorus could be a Ford commercial and then there’s the catchy “Shadows”. “Closer To The Moon” could be in a Broadway musical. The best track may just be “Monsters On The Map” where Thomas stretches out on the electric piano reminiscent of Genesis’ Tony Banks at his peak. Jud Caswell once again did a masterful job on the board. This album may have taken a long time to make, but don’t hesitate to check out “Amaze Your Friends”, from Hallowell’s Andrew Thomas.