Andrew Thomas is an award-winning songwriter from central Maine. His music ranges from upbeat, humorous piano workouts to introspective, emotional ballads.  A self-taught keyboardist, vocalist, and classically trained violinist, Thomas brings a number of musical influences to his work – from classic pop songsmiths like Todd Rundgren and Joe Jackson, to the piano-driven musings of contemporary artists like Ben Folds and Sara Bareilles. 

He has written, recorded and performed his own original music for years. Honing his craft early on through home recording and college jam bands, he eventually started playing the singer/songwriter open mic circuits of Massachusetts and Maine. He has also recorded ambient electronic music under the names Aquamarine and Ayesti, for which he won Tonos.com’s Electronic Music Production Challenge. More recently, his songs “Grand Central Station” and “Throw Your Voice, Amaze Your Friends” received honors in the Maine Songwriters Association song contest.

Andrew recorded his EP Stars on the Ceiling in his small home studio outside Augusta. Musically, the EP is diverse in style, but rich in melody – from atmospheric soundscapes to bright vocal harmonies. Lyrically, his songs are at times autobiographical, impressionistic, witty, or serious, but always honest and real.