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New video/track – “Words are Hard”

With everything happening in the world now, it’s both the best and worst time to be a creative person. There’s a perceived pressure to reflect the moment, to speak to all the pain, suffering, and tragedy we are seeing in this pandemic; to try and right the wrongs of centuries of injustice; to give people some form of hope to hold onto.

It’s…a lot.

I’ve tried to sit down and write, finding that when words do flow, they feel insufficient. And most of the time, they aren’t flowing.

One evening back in July I sat down at the keyboard and just started playing. This is what came out, and while it’s still insufficient, it feels like it speaks more than any other words I could come up with. Hope you enjoy it.

(The footage is of trees from our back deck.)

Stars on the ceiling EP now available

Stars on the Ceiling EP

8/2020 Update: Stars on the Ceiling is now available at most music streaming services! Please join me in welcoming these songs to Spotify, Apple Music, and many others.