Try Again

I wrote this lyrics and basic melody of this song in the span of a lunch break toward the end of 2020 as way of capping off an unprecedented year of turmoil, heartbreak, and change. One of the few bright spots in my 2020 was a regular virtual songwriting workshop (led by the fabulous Jud Caswell) that I had the pleasure of participating in. I shared this brand new song with the group shortly after writing it, and it felt like something that a lot of people might relate to, especially on the eve of saying goodbye to this flaming dumpster of a year.


Exhausted from exhausting all the options
Every angle’s just another crooked line
Leave no stone unturned, til you’re left with dirt and worms
Wondering what you did with all that time

There’s a dumpster on fire, floating downstream
And every new beginning is a fresh hell, it would seem
Do we even dare to lift our eyes and dream?
Do we dare to try again?

I read that positivity’s been overrated
and celebrity’s the only thing that’s true
But above the infinite scroll, stars like diamonds in the coal
from a million years ago, still somehow new

That dumpster’s still on fire, floating downstream
and every new beginning is a fresh hell it would seem
and though we’d never dare to lift our eyes and dream
I guess we’re gonna try again

Every year we make a list
of all the big important stuff
that in a month or so we’ll ignore
so cut yourself a little slack
and pray this year will not be back
for any encores…

’cause that dumpster’s still on fire…
..but maybe we should dare to lift our eyes and dream
Because we gotta try again